Edgars Rakovskis is a Latvian musician best known for being the lead vocalist/guitarist and main songwriter for the Latvian metal band Relicseed. Throughout the band’s career Rakovskis has remained the only persistent member and led the group across his native Latvia`s borders entering various alternative music markets around the world.

Being a child of the violin and clarinet players, Edgars had an opportunity to listen to classical music at a very young age and later utilize this experience in his own compositions. The combination of tameless harmonies and usage of elements from different styles of music define Rakovskis’ no-boundary approach to the composing process.

In 2015 Rakovskis wrote the first orchestral arrangement and has been developing this passion ever since. Since 2018 as a composer, producer, arranger and performer he is taking part in various projects of different styles and genres reflecting his versatility and dedication to music.